Sunday, March 29, 2009

Add to the Pyrex pile!

New acquisitions in girly colors!  I love 'em!  (sorry Kathleen!  I know these are the Pyrex colors that might push you over the edge!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Annemor #15 - how did you get in here?

Umm, I totally didn't plan to start this.  but I did.  

I had some leftover Malibrigo sock from the pair Emily and I made for Sam before she left, and it looked like it'd be enough for a pair of lace fingerless mitts.  I thought maybe I'd pick a lace pattern from my Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Then I was looking for a basic glove pattern to follow and because my Handy Book of Knitting Patterns wasn't on my shelf, I picked up my Selbuvotter book and kinda changed my mind and kinda started these.  accidentally.  Here's to hoping I've got enough yarn.  I'm using the rest of the Opal yarn that I used on the Selbu Modern that I'm still not really happy with because of it's slouchiness.  If there's anything better than a red and yellow color combination, I don't know what it is!  I'll do the hand/palm chart then just do some ribbing instead of doing the fingers, and I'll probably carry the pattern from the thumb gusset up into the thumb a bit, then rib there too.  We'll get to the reason I really shouldn't have cast on for anything new at the end of this post.

In stash news, how's this for a box full of beautiful?

I bought a kit for one of the alternative colorways of the Blooming Cotton Scarf.  I've never bought a kit before, but I got it from Webs which means I got a 20% discount, and it all just seemed to make sense.  you know, for the minute and a  half that I spent debating it.  I'm sure I would have never bought it if I had to click "add to cart" 10 times, but because it was just one click, it didn't feel as painful to the pocketbook!  Yes, I'm aware that's ridiculous.  I can't wait to start it!  

But, I cannot start it, because what I really need to be working on right now is this Flutter Sleeve Cardigan for my mother - for mother's day!  
This is also the reason I totally should not have cast on for those Annemores!  Aside from the fact that I've also got sock #2 of my pair of pink Taylored Socks (Emily's pattern - soon to be released on Ravelry - I highly recommend it!) on the needles, and my Amelia cardigan which has been languishing in my knitting bag, and that orange cardigan vest that's been untouched for so long it's almost impossible to even remember that it's there!  That vest might get ripped back because I'm kinda wishing I'd started it differently (this is the one I'm designing and I wanted a big asymmetrical ribbed collar, but just started with the neckline, then figured I'd go back and pick it up later.  I dunno, I guess that's ok.  I think I just want to pretend like that vest isn't really a WIP.  Perhaps it'll go into hibernation for a while.)  Sooo, I really need to put everything else down and get this cardigan finished for my mum.  I didn't consult with her on this pattern, but when we talked about her Christmas sweater, she said she wanted either 100% cotton, or 100% wool - I talked her out of the cotton because I said it'd be too heavy.  But DK weight cotton seemed perfect for spring - this is Frog Tree Pima silk - it's cotton and silk, which I'm sure she'll be ok with.  What I'm not sure she'll be ok with is the length of the sweater - she's short and likes things that hit her at the waist.  I think this will look just smashing on her - and I realize I'm doing that thing where you give someone what you think they ought to have, instead of getting them what they want.  Like my grandma used to do.  and what my mother told me I ought not do.   She didn't get me pink sweaters in high school when I would have refused to wear such a thing, and I suppose I shouldn't be doing this now, but really, isn't it a bit different?  Maybe not.  I don't know - but regardless, I'm going to make it even if it just hangs in her closet and she loves it only for the giver, but not to actually wear.  

Oh, and by the way, only 28 days until the Upper Valley Fiber Festival!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

love. this. scarf

I kind of love this scarf like crazy.

It's the Reclamation Scarf from Stephanie Japel.  The point of this pattern is to use up some luxurious single skein of yarn, an at last year's Woolgathering I bought a skein of 100% Royal Platinum Alpaca hand dyed by Royal Fiber Spinnery - 250 yards of DK weight in the Ponderosa colorway.  At the time I was justifying buying single skeins of just about anything because I knew I could make a cowl out of them.  I think this scarf is going to be my new single skein justification!  I can't imagine much that wouldn't look fantastic in this pattern.  And honestly, I wear triangular scarves more than just about any others I have.  Oh, and how close did I come to actually using up the whole skein?

Pretty damn close!  

I haven't even blocked it yet.  I'm not sure I will.  Well maybe so because this yarn is pretty rustic and I think it might soften up some with a good soak.  Am I the only one who finds alpaca just a little itchy?  I don't care.  I really don't want to take it off.