Thursday, July 24, 2014

how does your garden grow?

I keep meaning to take pictures of the garden now that it's almost entirely covered with watermelon vines!  haha!  I'm sure no one but me will get a kick out of it, but it's pretty crazy.  not surprising - i planted way too many and I knew it.  oh well.  mistakes were made - i hope to eat many watermelons though!  and that'll be great!  Right now though, I'm rich in cucumbers and green beans!  I planted an heirloom purple pole bean and they've produced like gangbusters!

Arent' they pretty?  I swear I could pick a pound of them, close my eyes and turn around, and there'd be another batch on the vines already!  it's crazy!  We've eaten a lot and today I blanched and froze a few bags for the winter.  

The other amazing thing is this CORN!  I grew corn!  it's called Ruby Queen and it's red (of course).  I think I already mentioned that with all the rain and wind, the stalks got blown flat to the ground, and had to be reset, with fingers crossed.  Well it worked!  and finally we picked two ears and ate them - fantastic!  I'll tell you, it's not easy to know when corn is ready!  if we had a whole field of it, we'd just pick an ear periodically and check, but we didn't want to waste any.  We picked one ear too early and that made us gun shy to pick more and risk another wasted ear.  Finally though, it's ready!  We might be eating corn every day for a week now!  I can think of worse things!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


This weekend our sweet little Olive got killed by a coyote.  

Since moving here she's been able to go outside and it's her favorite place to be.  Even though I can't stop crying, I don't think I'd do anything different if I had it to do over.  She was an entirely different cat outside - rolling around, wanting belly scratches, affectionate - inside she just stalked around growling at the other cats and not wanting to be touched.

She was Borris's mother - though I'm not sure he realized that.  They were just great pals - playing together like kids and following us around together.  I feel awful for him too.  The whole thing is just awful.  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Introducing Lulu

Oh boy, we need another cat like we need a hole in our head, but the fella found this little lady on the side of the road, all alone, on Wednesday evening.

What the heck are you supposed to do?  He brought her home and we fell in love - it's a kitten, how can you not fall in love?  We named her Lulu.

The vet thinks she's only 4 weeks old - she' not even a pound yet!  just 14 oz. of cuteness!  She's a ball of energy and hijinks - well, when she's not sleeping!  and she sleeps a lot - just like babies do!  Our oldest cat Buckley just loves her - they jump around and play!  It's hilarious!

something new everyday!

wow!  i can't believe my last post was less than a month ago and when I look at that picture, it's like a world away from how the garden looks now!  i guess when the temperatures start to go up, the plants really take off!  yesterday, there were no tassels on the corn, and this morning there were!

This is Ruby Queen corn, which is likely why the tassels are so amazingly colored - they look like something from a Dr. Seus book, i think!

And there are cucumbers that I bet I'll be able to pick this weekend! (and a couple tomatoes too!!! I can't wait for that first one!)

It's just amazing how big everything looks compared to the last post!

I made a fence for my french melons - they're climbing it!  when a melon start, I'm going to make a little sling for it and hang the sling on the fence to support it.  in the foreground there you can see the watermelon plants.  Yes.  I said "plants" - plural.  i'm nuts!  well first I planted some heirlooms watermelon seeds and thought they just weren't going to germinate, so then i got a couple plants on impulse - THEN the original seeds germinated!  i couldn't pull those out!  any sane person would put in ONE plant.  i probably have 6.  My garden will turn into watermelon city, i know.  oh well!

i had the same germination thing happen with cucumbers.  bought plants...then the seeds started.  so I'll also have waaay more cucumbers than i can handle!  that's ok - i love cucumber salad and when I'm floating in them, i give some to the neighbors and take some to work.  The same will be happening with my patty pan squash, I'm sure - they're starting to form too!

Borris loves to help out in the garden too - basically just by rolling in the dirt and getting filthy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The garden in June

What a difference a month makes!  now my garden doesn't just look like I'm raising dirt!  You can see stuff even from afar, and that makes me happy!

The corn is going to town, as is the patty pan squash, pole beans, melons, and tomatoes ( I have a bunch of green ones!)  I jumped the gun and though my cucumbers and watermelon weren't going to germinate so I bought a couple plants on impulse when I was at the nursery - of course after I popped the plants in the ground, the seeds started popping up!  The watermelon seed I planed is an heirloom variety, so I really want it - I'm going to be stupid and leave them all - I'll deal with the miles of vines somehow!  haha!

I planted marigolds, zinnias, geraniums, salvia and cosmos around the edges.  I used to hate marigolds - what was I thinking?  they're beautiful!  and tough!  I grew a bunch from seed and some of my favorite varieties are this Flagstaff, which is supposed to get 3-5ft tall.  it's taller than the others now, and the flowers are gigantic!  

 This one is called Yummy Mummy - it's kind of curly.  The red ones to the right are called Cottage Red, I think.  I ended up buying a couple flats more, so I'll definitely plant more from seed next winter!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fungus, 7 days later

In case you're losing sleep over this weird fungus (and I'm sure you all are!), this is what it has turned into over the past week:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Let the growing begin!

Last year I just had a dinky little garden for about 8 tomato plants, but this year I made a nice big one!  I think it's about 16x20', but I'm not sure - I almost feel like it's already too small, but I'm sure I won't feel that way when I'm weeding in July!

I made two wonky teepees out of branches for my purple pole beans.

I'm well aware that these are pretty unexciting pictures -  just a plot of dirt!  soon though!  I planted watermelon, a french melon, Ruby Queen corn, cucumbers, patty pan squash, pole beans, and some herb seeds.  I'll also be putting in tomatoes and peppers, of course.  I'm also doing flowers around the edges - I already have in some marigolds and foxglove that I started from seed in the basement!

If you want an exciting picture though, check this out:

It's a Luna moth sitting on one of the black walnut trees - super rare to see!

Gorgeous!!  And then there's this weird fungus growing in one of the holes of a silver maple! whaaat?

We have tons of weird mushrooms and fungus here so I got a book on fungus and mushrooms of Ohio from the Ohio State University - I see nothing in it that looks like this stuff!