Thursday, January 22, 2015

flying geese finish!

I actually wrapped this quilt up last weekend but I thought maybe I'd get a day with some sun to photograph it.  No such luck - it's January in Ohio!  And when the sun did pop out, I totally forgot about this!  duh.  Anyway, here it is!  I really like it!

I know it's impossible to tell in this picture, but I think it's about 32"x32" - something like that!  not big, but probably good for a crib or a car seat.  

Here's a closeup of the binding:

The binding was scrap fabric I bought in a little grab bag of stuff at an antique mall I think.  I never want to use the good stuff...but especially for a baby quilt.  I mean you know it's going to get puked on!  But really, it's still to let it just sit in the closet!  I should just put it to use!

I didn't do a lot of quilting - just straight lines on either side of the seams - I think the orange thread kind of mimics jeans, so it works with the denim, and also orange and blue just look great together!

The background is some fabric I bought online and thought I'd use it for a dress, but the scale of the print turned out to be bigger than I expected and I wasn't so sure it'd be a great dress!  that's what you get when you buy online - but it's not like it goes bad - it got a new life as a quilt back!

Friday, January 9, 2015

flying geese for a fat baby

My sister-in-law just had a new baby boy on Christmas Eve.  That's baby #7 for her and my brother.  Yeah, 7.  Oy vey!  whatever.  Anyway, he's a fat little boy, which is exactly how babies ought to be, and I like to call him Fat Bruce.  I'm making lil' Bruce a quilt.  I keep seeing cool denim quilts on Pinterest - using different shades of denim almost as different colors.  I have a bunch of old jeans that don't fit anymore, so I started cutting them up for a flying geese quilt.  I'm pairing the denim with some aqua Kona cotton, and I think I'm going to throw in one or two red or orange triangles for a spot of color.

I think I'll do the quilting in red and orange thread - probably along the long sides of the triangles simply because those are the only lines that I can guarantee will be straight!  Haha!  I originally planned to run a line of quilting up the middle of each triangle - from base to point, but who am I kidding?  those points are never going to line up!  Why make that even more obvious with quilting that highlights it?  nope.  I'm really loving it so far!  

So here's my new year's blog quandary:  I keep telling myself to blog more, because I like doing it.  However, I don't really feel like anyone is reading it.  Then I ask myself if it matters, and I guess if I didn't care if anyone read it, I'd just make a diary and not post it.  In a way this is almost an electronic diary for myself I guess - I use it to look back at dates when things happened or to compare one year to the next.  Still, I guess I'd like someone to enjoy it besides me.  So that made me ask myself why people wouldn't read it - and I can only answer that by thinking about why I read the blogs I do.  I think my blog has too many topics - I really only read about such varied topics if I personally know the writer and want to keep up with their life, or if they're miraculously into everything I'm into!  Otherwise, I like a blog based on pretty much one subject.  I also like blogs that inspire me with cool projects, or teach me how to do things I haven't done.   I'm not sure I'm really hitting any of those marks!  I'm wondering if I ought to divide up topics.  Will I write more if I have one blog for sewing/knitting/crafting, one for cooking, one for gardening, and one for what will undoubtedly become my new obsession in the spring - chickens?  I'm sure there are people who are already like "I don't care a fig about your walnuts or your chickens!"  but maybe they like reading about sewing.  Would I write less if I do this.  I just don't know.  Any thoughts?  

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Good gravy!  i haven't posted since October?  sheesh.  I did a poor job preparing for many handmade gifts this Christmas, but I thought I'd give an update on what I've made.  My parents both requested socks and I knew I could do that.  Did and done (that may sound cockier than it should - I just finished my dad's socks last night!)  I started a pair for the fella out of worsted weight, and I have one sock finished.  I think i might be able to eek out the other.  We'll see!!  I'm also making some ornaments on my embroidery machine for the nieces and nephews and my brother and SIL

 They're kind of large, so I might suggest that they be door knob hangers too!  they have an exchange student from Norway so I made  him the dala horse (which I know is actually a Swedish thing, but I guess I'll claim to just being going for a general Nordic thing!)

I also made this table runner with some red fabric I picked up at the thrift store (I love when that happens!) and my beloved embroidery machine, of course.

This was my first time doing an applique on the machine - it's not easy to see from my crappy pictures, but the bunny's body is felt, then it's embroidered over and around.  The little mushroom house has some printed quilting cotton for the base!

Same with the little fox and santa!  These are all from the Woodland Wonderland pack from Urban Threads!  Oh, i also LOVE that little scallop stitch on the edges - it feels very vintage to me!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

more color = more gooder!

The chicken coop needed to be protected in some way - the instructions said to paint or seal it.  I definitely wanted it to be colorful, not just wood, so paint it I did.  sooooo cute!

It is taking FOREVER to paint - first it was primed, and then I've needed a couple coats of each color.  And for some parts, I had to crawl into the run and paint on all fours!  The roof still needs another coat, as does all the green, but it's going to be worth it!  I can't wait to get the ladies moved in!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You know it's fall when...'re buying yarn at the Woolgathering, the chestnuts are falling, and the chicken coop is in place!  yay!  the mister put together our chicken coop this weekend and its' just fantastic!  now we need to paint it to protect it - and I'd certainly rather have a colorful and cute coop!  

oh, i just love it!  I can't wait to get chickens in the spring!

The chestnut empire continues this year - I think we've collected nearly 200 lbs so far!  I roasted up a bunch this morning to freeze for use in recipes later.  I got this tip after talking to one of the Chinese ladies at work who bought a lot from me this year.  Apparently chestnuts are really big in Chinese cooking - in real chinese cooking - not the chinese that we get at the restaurants, which is not really chinese at all!  haha!  Anyway, aren't they beautiful?

I got a pumpkin and a warty gourd from a guy who runs a little farm stand just down the road from me - it doesn't get much more "fall" than that. He also had bird's nest gourds - the green crook neck ones - that will dry out and be hollow!  Those were $1 each so I got a bunch!  i want to make a couple toad houses from them - we seem to have a lot of toads here and I just love them!

This giant guy, who I call Fritz, likes to sit in the track for the sliding glass door at night when we have the light on - I guess it attracts a lot of insects and he has a feast!  

On the crafting front, I've got a pair of socks on the needles for my mom for Christmas.  After that, it'll be a pair of socks for my dad, then hopefully I'll have time for a pair of thick worsted weight ones for the mister, and maaaaybe a hat for him too!  yowza!  it's not like any of that takes so long, but I've realized that having 2 kittens in the house makes knitting really difficult!  they inevitably want to be in your lap and then it all goes downhill!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Plunge!

I just ordered a chicken coop!!!!

Our plan was to build one this fall and get chickens in the spring, but I found this Clubhouse Coop online for $399 and it had great reviews and tons of features that I wanted.  I waivered on the prospect of building a coop - it went from totally doable to something I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle - back and forth and back and forth.  Neither the mister nor I are master carpenters, but I know people with way less skill have cobbled together coops.  I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg so I thought making it would save money, but I also know I'd have to buy lots of stuff - even with our stash of lumber, I'd need hardware cloth and hinges and latches.  plus, i kind of didn't want my coop to look like crap, and our cobbled together one probably would.  This one isn't huge - big enough for 4 chickens, which is all we want to start with - but you can add runs lengthwise (they sell them separately) or if we get more chickens than this will hold maybe then we can tackle making another coop and this could be a separation coop, or one for more delicate little ladies.  I'm pretty excited!  We'll still get chickens in the spring!

Monday, September 1, 2014

baby quilt!

I finally finished the baby quilt that I've been working on!  I'm still not totally happy with the quilting, but I think I just need more practice.  I guess it's not just that - i thought it'd be cool to do some different quilting on each of the blocks, but I wish I'd stuck with one theme - either the straight lines like I did on most of the blocks or the meandering which I did on only two.  I didn't like the meandering after the 1st block, but then I kind of had to repeat it at least once.  bleah.  oh well.  i liked it after the 2nd one but then it was too late for more.  Oh well - I'm not going to stress!  babies don't judge.  The little girl is due in early October, i think, and she'll be getting the February baby sweater and the little pink dress with the bear on the front too!  For her big brother, I embroidered 4 cute aliens on a sweatshirt - because I know that a 5 year old doesn't understand why someone is getting a gift and he's not!  It'll be his big brother gift!  Now to start thinking about Christmas!  My brother and SIL have 5 kids with another in the oven AND a foreign exchange student.  because they're nuts, i guess.  Anyway, i'm thinking about making the whole darn family Thorpes (the bulky weight earflap hat).  My only fear is that for kids, a hat may be the equivalent of a pack of underwear.  I want to think a hat is more fun than that.  Part of me doesn't care.  i think I could knock them out quickly and have time to make something special for my mom, who really appreciates it!  Any opinions on how kids view hats?  they range from a baby up to 13!