Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Dining Room Day!

Ok, that's not a real holiday at all, but that's what it feels like today! Here's the story:

 Billy noticed that there was a shop in Yellow Springs called Atomic Fox and they sell mid century furniture and stuff.  Because of our new mid century ranch, we're in the market for such things.  (thanks for jacking up the price on everything mid century Mad Men! geez.)  And because we have a stupid spangly chandelier in our dining room, we're especially keen to replace it with something more period - we've been searching for the perfect retractable atomic UFO fixture.  So we decided to give it a try.  Terry, the owner, was super nice and when we told him we were looking for some ceiling lighting, he said "hey, i've got something i haven't put out yet" and he brought out this Moe honeycomb retractable light!  whaaa??!!  this is the original ad for the honeycomb line by Moe:

It's the one on the bottom right.  The wiring looked great (and many of that era don't) and the price was decent so we walked around thinking about it.  while we did that, we kind of fell in love with a dining room table and chairs.  the dining room table i have now was the $149 set from Kmart that I bought when I moved out on my own!!  i always meant to replace it when i found the right one.  16 years later, I'd still never replaced it!  it was a good little table, but sheesh.  Plus we were always drooling over mid century dining room sets.  this one had lots of cool features but we feared it was too big for our dining room.  We talked price first and he gave us a great deal on it because we were getting both the table and chairs and the light! woohoo!  so we measured the table then drove home and measured the dining room space and said "yes!!  it'll work" and drove BACK to yellow springs again to get it!  It's so beautiful!  this is the dining room table:

Here's a better view of the chair style.  I'll be changing the seat fabric - it's not original and it kind of like a weird upholstery terry cloth.  

I love these little metal buttons on the chairs, and there's one on the table legs too

This is the light fixture

and this is the retractable part - it lets you move the fixture up and down.  pretty popular in the 50's and 60's.  Yes, my kitchen is plaid!  at first I was like "geesh.  plaid"  but now I don't hate it - it certainly has character!

So Yay for Atomic Fox!  you should definitely go there - but if you buy anything I might want, I'll fight ya!  they have a hutch that matches my new table...we'd have to get rid of a hutch in the dining room to have it, but I'd kinda like it...