Saturday, February 14, 2015

My first quilt - quilted!

My parents gave me a check for my birthday and I decided to splurge and have my first quilt top quilted!  It's been finished for years now, but I can never justify paying to have it done - there's always something that needs the money more!  And there still are things that need the money more, but it was a gift and I think that's what gift money should be spent on- stuff you'd never get on your own!

I took it to my local quilt shop - Sulphur Grove Quilt Shop - and it was actually the first time I'd been there!  it's a great little place - and she brings in her cat Lenny, which makes me very happy!  She did a fantastic job!  Of course my quilt top was a little wonky, but she made it look great!  Ol' Earl loves it too, obviously!

I originally bought green flannel for the back, but I didn't have enough of it to mount properly in her long arm quilter, so I bought this fabric there - I really love how it turned out!   Oh man, I just couldn't be happier!!!!

I told her that I just made a little quilt for my newest nephew, but baby quilts are about the extent to what I can quilt on my machine - she said "well, you can either quilt by machine, by hand, or by check!" hahaha!  very true!