Saturday, March 21, 2015

I think we made it!

I think we actually made it out of winter and into spring!  I know, our last frost date here isn't until April 17th, but yesterday was officially the first day of spring and I've got green bits coming out of the ground!  The thing i'm most excited to see is my garlic!

I planted garlic for the 1st time last fall and with all the sogginess in the past month or so, I was afraid it would be out there rotting.  But no!  I believe I planted 2 varieties - I bought them from a farmer at the Yellow Springs farmer's market last year.  He has tons of varieties, so if this goes well, maybe i'll try some different ones next year!  I'm definitely getting ahead of myself.  

It's T-14 days and counting until CHICKEN DAY!!  that's when I'm driving to Celina to get my Red Comet pullets!  I'm both excited and terrified!