Monday, November 29, 2010


Guess who's engaged!! ME!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ornament swap - ready!

I stumbled across this ornament swap and thought it sounded mighty fun. I just finished my ornaments for my swap group - there are 10 of us in this group, so I had to make 9 and if all goes well, I'll get 9 handmade ornaments back! wheee! After several different ideas and kind of wonky prototypes, I decided upon these little birds and I love them!

I suppose I should have made 10 so that I'd have one to keep, but I didn't (and even though I could obviously make another, I honestly probably won't. who am I kidding?)

I still have to put a loop on them for hanging, but I have until Tuesday, which isn't the deadline, but it's the day that I have it scheduled for myself. Around this time of the year I make a schedule for myself because otherwise i just get all panicky and keep making list after list after list because I think it'll help but it's really just taking time and not getting anything accomplished. So this morning I just wrote out each day until Christmas with 2 lines for each date then gathered up all those little scraps of paper with my goofball lists and plugged each thing into a slot. It's comforting. And I feel like I can see that I can get it all done before Christmas and have some slots for the stuff that I've undoubtedly forgotten (like cookie baking! duh!) but I can also work ahead (like the ornament pictures and blogging were scheduled for tomorrow!) and that's cool too. I realize this sounds really stupid for non-list making people. Ugh, it also kind of makes me sound anal and a little obsessed with organization and order - which under any other circumstance is totally the opposite of me. oh well, I do what i gotta do!