Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess what I've never done before?

Quilt! Until Saturday, that is. It's for a baby - the BF's closest friend's wife just had her this past week and while I've only met the wife/mom a few times, it seemed like a great excuse to make a quilt. and I made it rather badly, I must admit. However, I had a swell time doing it!

I haven't put the binding on yet, and I haven't washed it, which I believe will even out some of the "quirks" (so says Helen, an experienced quilter, so I believe her. it's kind of like blocking your knitting I suppose.)

And best of all, it made me feel justified in buying all those fat quarters that I thought I'd never use! AND using them up, makes me feel justified in buying more!! whee! Oh, the biggest quilting lesson I learned? Do NOT get a rotary cutter anywhere near your toes. I refuse to take a picture of my big toe, but believe me when I tell you that rotary cutters are sharp, and big toes have little protection against them. blood was involved.

Oh, and I believe I food poisoned myself on Monday night. It sucked real bad. Yes Emily, I do realize this was totally karmic-ly due. shut up.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

il bello

I'm like this close to getting one of these:

It's an Il Bello from Fly Scooters. Having a scooter has been like my adult version of the childhood dream of a pony. I love that the styling is vintage and Vespa-like, but definitely without the Vespa-like price!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cats can't read

You know what the vet told me yesterday?  That cats can't read and that means they don't know what the blood test results are.  Unfortunately, the blood test results show that my sweetest little Margo is in kidney failure.  But the vet told me that to explain (and maybe also to be a little funny so that I wouldn't start crying again) the fact that ever since we brought her home from the emergency animal hospital on Saturday, she's been seeming so happy and alert and responsive and willing to eat (more than willing to eat!) and groom herself - it just didn't seem to jive with the fact that we know she's dying or that we'd spent the whole weekend sitting on the couch crying.  She said that sometime kitties surprise us.  sometimes, with a bit of TLC, and 100 ccs of transdermal fluids every other day, they can often be around, and have a happy life, for a good while longer.  and I'm willing to do that.  Because she's my little Marjorie.
I love you Margpie - more than you'll ever know. <3