Sunday, March 28, 2010

More makin'

This weekend we got a new computer, so while the fella was setting everything up, I made this little makeup pouch. I have a meeting in Arizona next month and I decided that would be enough justification to make a little bag - I'll need a toiletry bag, right? I used the little owl fat quarters that billy got me for christmas - they're double sided japanese fabric, so one side has owls on it and the other looks like sashiko.

It surely is easier to quilt something this size, rather than blanket sized! Oh, on the subject of sewing, I called JoAnns about my machine and they're going to email me a shipping sticker so I can send it back without having to pay shipping, and, if I understood the customer service lady correctly, I'm getting a credit card refund even though the website said that if it's an opened item you have to take an online credit. I just assumed I'd have to try another machine, but it kind of looks like I may not! If I get another, I'm definitely shopping somewhere that I can put my hands on the machine - although honestly, I'm not even sure that I totally want a new one now. I dunno.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

That honeymoon sure ended quick!

(yes, I'm aware that the title should actually read "ended quickly" because an adverb modifies a verb, but it just didn't have the same feel, ok?)

I finished the quilt today! But I used my old sewing machine to do it. The new Singer and I are not speaking. In fact, I think the Singer might be moving out, but we aren't sure yet. That damn thing has been nothing but a problem - the tension is totally out of whack and I've done everything I can think of to fix it, but nothing is working. It's under warranty, but that means I have to drive it to Columbus (which I think is the closest place) or I can send it back to JoAnn's for a credit and get another machine. I'm not sure what to do. Anyway, here's the quilt!

It certainly won't win any state fairs (or county fairs, for that matter) but I'm still really happy with it! The final measurements are about 39"x56". It's pretty jacked up in places, like this:

but oh well. it's never going to be on antiques roadshow garnering praise of workmanship. i can live with that. I'm going to wash it now and hope like all getout that none of the fabrics bleed!

Friday, March 5, 2010

It must be my birthday!

not really, but it's a good Family Guy line, and it's how I felt this week because I got myself this!

A new sewing machine! JoAnn's had a great deal on sewing machines (free shipping on top of sale prices for all machines!) and I decided that I deserved to know the bliss of drop in bobins and electronics - all the stuff that's totally basic on machines these days! I've been using a Kenmore that I got back in either high school or college - I can't even remember! I have the original that I bought back then, and also my grandpa's that my mom bought him because we liked ours so much. They're still fine machines, but mine needed to be repaired (it decided suddenly to only sew backwards!) and I decided that maybe just getting a new one was the way to go! Of course I'll keep the old ones as backups, but this one is so cool! Look at all these nifty stitches it does!

And it can sew with or without the foot control - just pushing the button for starting and stopping is way less difficult than I thought it'd be. I also got a set of presser feet designed just for quilting - it has like 9 different feet - including a walking foot, which was the one I totally wanted. Sorry if you don't care about sewing, but I'm excited as all get out!