Thursday, December 18, 2014


Good gravy!  i haven't posted since October?  sheesh.  I did a poor job preparing for many handmade gifts this Christmas, but I thought I'd give an update on what I've made.  My parents both requested socks and I knew I could do that.  Did and done (that may sound cockier than it should - I just finished my dad's socks last night!)  I started a pair for the fella out of worsted weight, and I have one sock finished.  I think i might be able to eek out the other.  We'll see!!  I'm also making some ornaments on my embroidery machine for the nieces and nephews and my brother and SIL

 They're kind of large, so I might suggest that they be door knob hangers too!  they have an exchange student from Norway so I made  him the dala horse (which I know is actually a Swedish thing, but I guess I'll claim to just being going for a general Nordic thing!)

I also made this table runner with some red fabric I picked up at the thrift store (I love when that happens!) and my beloved embroidery machine, of course.

This was my first time doing an applique on the machine - it's not easy to see from my crappy pictures, but the bunny's body is felt, then it's embroidered over and around.  The little mushroom house has some printed quilting cotton for the base!

Same with the little fox and santa!  These are all from the Woodland Wonderland pack from Urban Threads!  Oh, i also LOVE that little scallop stitch on the edges - it feels very vintage to me!