Sunday, February 16, 2014


This winter seems to be never ending -- I don't think I'm being over dramatic when I say it's the worst winter ever.  We've broken records for sure - as has half the country!  I'm so ready for spring, but I'm trying to enjoy how pretty the snow is here (after it's off the driveway!) and watching the birds at the bird feeders! there were so many this morning - cardinals and bluebirds and little fat sparrows!  Kind of impossible to take pictures of:

And, to help me feel like spring will actually be here soon, I have shelves of seedlings!  this year I decided to do just plants and flowers - no vegetables.  I mean I'll plant seeds for things like beans and zucchini, but I'm not starting tomatoes and peppers from seed.  I like having 6 or 8 varieties of tomatoes, but when I start them from seed, I end up with 60 plants of each of those varieties!  that's out of control!  it's better for me to just buy 8 or 9 plants at the nursery for that stuff, and be done with it!  Flowers, however, I can never have enough of!

I can't wait!!  They're all doing so well!