Saturday, April 28, 2012

Western Shirt Ho!

I'm sure I mentioned before that I'm working on another shirt for the fella's upcoming birthday.  It's going well - I anticipate finishing it this weekend except for the snaps.  Just have to do the front bands, the collar and hems.

For some reason I couldn't get a picture without the red kind of flashing - it makes it hard to see the embroidery, but I used my machine for some swirlies that turned out really well!  

I got some black and white pearlized snaps at Hancock, but he really wanted red, so I looked on Etsy and found a seller with tons of western snaps in every color you can imagine - plus they were a really great price.  As per usual, I went a little crazy!  it's like the gingham buttons all over again!  But seriously, look at these!  how could I not!  I got a set of twelve in all of the colors here except for the green which is a mixed shade lot of 25!  woohoo!

25 Assorted Greens Pearl Snap 4 Part Prong Size 16

12 Light Blue Pearl Snaps Set  4 Part Prong Size 16

12 Pearl Snaps Set  4 Part Prong Size 16 True Red

12 Tangerine Pearl Snap 4 Part Prong Size 16

12 Snaps Pearl Teal Set  4 Part Prong Size 16
12 Pearl Snaps Set  Medium Blue 4 Part Prong Size 16

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

swooning over another swoon block

I made another block to add to the 1st of my Swoon blocks this past weekend.  It's a crappy picture because there wasn't enough natural light.  It's hard to see, but the yellow is a little polka dot and the green is some Little Folks fabric that I love!  Both of the blocks kind of have fabric with the darker color on the large parts - next I need to make one that has a deeper tone on the center and small parts - it's amazing how different it makes the block look (that's what made me think the pattern had multiple blocks, not just one.) 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Perhaps you don't know this but double fold bias tape is my jam!  I love the stuff.  I always wonder why anyone would even have to think twice about a gift idea for me - how 'bout an armload of double fold bias tape, I think to myself!  Well I was trolling etsy for some good buys on the stuff and noticed that folks were selling handmade bias tape (i recognized some of the fabrics by the designers) and I thought hey, I can probably do that.  I found my Clover bias tape maker and cut some blue gingham on the bias and gave it a go.  I ended up with about 4 yards and I'm sure there are more seams in it than there should be and it's probably not as even as it could be, but I think it's pretty terrific!  They do make some fancy-dancy bias tape making machines (i think - that could have been a dream and now I'm going to have to google it!) but they're pricey.  Maybe that would be the best gift!

I went to Hancock's today to look for fabric for another shirt for the mr. - he really likes the one I made him for Christmas even though it's denim, which apparently he's not too keen on for shirts.  He still wears it a lot though and it fits well.  He requested another for his upcoming birthday - black with red on the yoke.  Patterns were on sale, and even though I need more patterns like I need a hole in my head, I can't help buying them when they're $1.  I got a few easy summer dress patterns and I also found this adorableness that would have been a bargain at thrice the price!

 I just looked up Viola Studios and found out that it's a woman's Etsy shop - imagine an etsy shop being popular enough to be contacted by Simplicity for a pattern!  cool!  These little dolls look ever so European to me and there are great little details like the berets and little shoes!  I love them!

This is a crappy picture, but here's the Simplicity link.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

This little porker

The kids loved their easter bunnies - even my nephew (he's 10) who I thought for sure would poo poo them as kid stuff!  That revived my stuffie-making mojo - that and the fact that my SIL told me that Jude, the youngest nephew, only has girl stuffed things because they've gotten passed down from his sisters.  Poor little guy.  So I had an excuse to make this little pig that I've been dying to make from the Sew Me, Love Me book.  

Because I'm a bad aunt, and because there are 5 nieces and nephews, I can't ever remember when their birthdays are - but whenever Jude's comes around, I'll be ready!