Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The 8 hr 1hr skirt

I took a few vacation days to enjoy spring and to be with the chickens - but the chickens aren't doing a lot at this point - they're still too afraid to come out of the coop into the run, even with the door standing wide open all day.  They're silly.  Also, it's been raining for 2 days, so not much outdoor time is being had.  However, we spent almost the entire day on Sunday outside - I even got a little sunburnt accidentally!  I thought, because it was raining, I'd finish up a quick wrap skirt that I started a couple weeks ago.  It's McCalls 4530 and the envelope says "1 hr skirt".  I decided to do some embroidery on the patch pockets because they were screaming for it!  So that added another couple hours.  Understandable.  What's not understandable is how I screwed up every damn seam on this skirt!  I seriously don't think there's a single seam that I didn't rip out at one point because I sewed it on backwards, or missed a step.  I even had to recut the whole waist band because I did it all wrong.  oy!  It totally wasn't the pattern - it really is easy - it was all me!  anyway, it's finished and I really like it!  whew!  I'll definitely make this one again - hopefully in 1 hour next time!

The color isn't reading very well in these pictures - it's less red than it looks here- it's more of a bright coral.  and it's some mystery fabric I found at a thrift store - sort of medium weight synthetic of some kind.

Here's the embroidery - the flash isn't helping.  it's part of a Folklorico design pack from Urban Threads.

And nifty contrast pocket linings!  I thought using the thick fabric for a pocket lining would be bulky.

So there's my sad sewing story and my terrible photography all in one post!  hahah!

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