Thursday, January 31, 2008

It was like Christmas for my birthday!

Geesh, what friends I have!  My birthday was this week and I got all kinds of unexpected stuff - I couldn't believe it!  First, I found a gift bag on my desk at work from a Helen, a fellow knitter and co-worker, stuffed with bamboo needles, stitch markers, a scarf pattern, and a ball of this lovely wool/silk blend from Universal Yarns - mmmm!
Then Catherine - knitter, sewer, all around craftster - left me
 a gift bag with a full yard of this amazing Echino fabric:

Aaaaand two bags of chocolates - Ester Price, no less!

Theeenn, my newest friend and also neighbor, Samantha came by today with the Tudora she knit for me (that's the picture at the top of the post)!  

Can you believe that?!  I couldn't!  It's fantastic in a lovely tweedy orange - AND, knowing that I've got quite a stash of buttons, she brought a little hank of yarn so that I could personalize it myself and sew on one of my own buttons!  I chose a yellow fabric covered one which doesn't show up well in the picture, but the colors and textures look great together!  What a week, I tells ya!  Arent' they all just the greatest?

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