Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess what I've never done before?

Quilt! Until Saturday, that is. It's for a baby - the BF's closest friend's wife just had her this past week and while I've only met the wife/mom a few times, it seemed like a great excuse to make a quilt. and I made it rather badly, I must admit. However, I had a swell time doing it!

I haven't put the binding on yet, and I haven't washed it, which I believe will even out some of the "quirks" (so says Helen, an experienced quilter, so I believe her. it's kind of like blocking your knitting I suppose.)

And best of all, it made me feel justified in buying all those fat quarters that I thought I'd never use! AND using them up, makes me feel justified in buying more!! whee! Oh, the biggest quilting lesson I learned? Do NOT get a rotary cutter anywhere near your toes. I refuse to take a picture of my big toe, but believe me when I tell you that rotary cutters are sharp, and big toes have little protection against them. blood was involved.

Oh, and I believe I food poisoned myself on Monday night. It sucked real bad. Yes Emily, I do realize this was totally karmic-ly due. shut up.

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