Sunday, August 7, 2011

oh geez!

I made a hell of a mistake on my mother's birthday mittens and now I'm in a whole new pickle.
I don't know if I haven't had enough coffee today, or what, but I'm just not able to make a decision on what to do! Ok, here are the finished mittens:

I love them! But here's the problem:

Yep. Two right mittens. yes, I'm serious. I can't believe I did that. what a numbskull. So I decided last nigh, when I realized what I'd done, that I'd just knit two left gloves and then I'd have a pair too. I made these out of Knitpicks Telemark and they're always fast with shipping, soI figured I'd just get another ball of each color and all would be well. Unfortunately, I find out this morning, Knitpicks doesn't sell that shade of blue anymore. There are two people on Ravelry with the shade in their "for sale/trade" stashes, so I could try to buy one off of them but for some reason it seems like a lot of work for a $2 ball of yarn (it retails for $1.99) - I feel like I should buy something else from their stash to make the shipping worth it. Ugh - I don't know why, but it's just more than I can make a decision on this morning! I'm pretty confident that I have enough yarn to make a 3rd mitten, which I just need to start doing now I suppose. but I've got the Knitpicks website up and I just don't know whether I should put in an order with an extra ball of white (and enough other stuff to get to $50, because I always do spend extra money unnecessarily to avoid shipping, as silly as it is) or not. wait - I'm going to see if that person with the blue on Ravelry also has the white - hers came from their stocking kit, just like mine did, so chances are good! whew - maybe that's the solution! Bah - please, someone just tell me what to do!


emilynye said...

Get it from the person on rav- the shipping through USPS should be something like $1.30, which would make it almost double what you paid, BUT it'd still be less than $15 for two pairs of mittens.

Anonymous said...

Awww.....looking at that picture is painful! How was this discovered? I am sooooo sorry.

hannah said...

You could possibly fix the other mitten: Snip the thumb off and pick the live stitches there up onto a circular needle, then do the same at the hand above the thumb gusset, then frog just the portion with the gusset back down to the point where the two mittens (L/R) diverge. Reknit the frogged portion with the correct directions, then graft the hand and thumb back on.

Catherine said...

Sorry sorry!!!
I say go with the Ravelry option; sounds less stressfull and you'll end up with a nice pair of mittens too - aw! a mother/daughter set; how cute is that?