Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brace yourself for the cute

Even though my mom suggested that both of my youngest nieces might like monkey pillows, I went ahead and made this bug as #3 and I think he may be the cutest of them all!

I already bought the fleece and i kind of wanted to use the stripey stuff. I must have been thinking of some different color combination when I bought the stuff though because I had quite a bit of orange and I remember trying to add up yardage at the cutting table because something else was allocated part of this orange (i don't know what though!) and I think I originally envisioned orange and blue for this guy, but whatever - it all worked out and there's no harm in some leftover fleece!

So Isabelle will get the monkey, Genevive will get the lamb (thanks Emily and Catherine for clearing up that mystery - I totally agree now that you said it!), and Jude will get the bug.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I'm lovin' the ladybug! or whatever kind of bug it is!
As far as extra orange goes; I think an orange and blue monkey would be fab; got any more kids who need pillows? Billy maybe ;-)