Saturday, March 10, 2012

Easter bunnies from Japan

This is the first of 5 little bunnies I'm making for the nieces and nephews for Easter!  It's from Felt Friends from Japan, which is a book full of adorable japanese felt stuff (that explanation was probably unnecessary, given the descriptive title!)  I'm going to shred some green paper, put in in the bottom of the box, and pack the easter bunnies in there - I think that'd be a pretty cool parcel to get if I were a kid!  please - I'd love to get a parcel like that NOW!

on a less happy note - my ol' Stella is appearing to not be feeling so great anymore.  She was diagnosed with kidney failure about a month or so ago, and the subcutaneous water treatments made her feel much better for a while.  now she's to the point where she doesn't want to sit still and get water pumped into her - I really can't blame her.  Plus, she looks like it's painful to walk around - she walks like her muscles are stiff or something, and she really just wants to lay in a corner.  she'll let me hold her, but as soon as I put her down it's right back to the corner, or behind a chair.  I knew I'd have to deal with this again, but I'm just not ready for her to be gone.  not at all.

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