Saturday, April 14, 2012


Perhaps you don't know this but double fold bias tape is my jam!  I love the stuff.  I always wonder why anyone would even have to think twice about a gift idea for me - how 'bout an armload of double fold bias tape, I think to myself!  Well I was trolling etsy for some good buys on the stuff and noticed that folks were selling handmade bias tape (i recognized some of the fabrics by the designers) and I thought hey, I can probably do that.  I found my Clover bias tape maker and cut some blue gingham on the bias and gave it a go.  I ended up with about 4 yards and I'm sure there are more seams in it than there should be and it's probably not as even as it could be, but I think it's pretty terrific!  They do make some fancy-dancy bias tape making machines (i think - that could have been a dream and now I'm going to have to google it!) but they're pricey.  Maybe that would be the best gift!

I went to Hancock's today to look for fabric for another shirt for the mr. - he really likes the one I made him for Christmas even though it's denim, which apparently he's not too keen on for shirts.  He still wears it a lot though and it fits well.  He requested another for his upcoming birthday - black with red on the yoke.  Patterns were on sale, and even though I need more patterns like I need a hole in my head, I can't help buying them when they're $1.  I got a few easy summer dress patterns and I also found this adorableness that would have been a bargain at thrice the price!

 I just looked up Viola Studios and found out that it's a woman's Etsy shop - imagine an etsy shop being popular enough to be contacted by Simplicity for a pattern!  cool!  These little dolls look ever so European to me and there are great little details like the berets and little shoes!  I love them!

This is a crappy picture, but here's the Simplicity link.

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Catherine said...

Bias tape you made yourself? You are teh bomb!

And what an adorable pattern - such chic little dolls :-)