Sunday, January 12, 2014

thrift store score

Pa and I headed into town today to hit a couple thrift stores - it feels like we've come up empty handed a lot lately, but today was a real score!  My best find, however, and I can't believe I nearly didn't get it, is this speed suit!

Sure, maybe some people call them coveralls.  I think Ginny may be the only one to understand that this is what you wear to get your super science on!  They were new, with tags, for $8 and couldn't fit better.  They even have the elastic back waistband!  I fear that if someone didn't stop me, I might try to wear these to the grocery store!  i'll try not to do that though.  I also got 4 great skirts, and a giant bag of fabric ($3.99!) with all kinds of goodies - including some fantastic polyester doubleknits.  super!  the mister got 3 button downs, two sports coats and a backup papercutter!  everyone was a winner!  Oh, and yes, those are swans on my shower doors.  not really in love with them.  

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Kamille said...

That. Is. AWESOME.