Monday, April 28, 2014

Let the growing begin!

Last year I just had a dinky little garden for about 8 tomato plants, but this year I made a nice big one!  I think it's about 16x20', but I'm not sure - I almost feel like it's already too small, but I'm sure I won't feel that way when I'm weeding in July!

I made two wonky teepees out of branches for my purple pole beans.

I'm well aware that these are pretty unexciting pictures -  just a plot of dirt!  soon though!  I planted watermelon, a french melon, Ruby Queen corn, cucumbers, patty pan squash, pole beans, and some herb seeds.  I'll also be putting in tomatoes and peppers, of course.  I'm also doing flowers around the edges - I already have in some marigolds and foxglove that I started from seed in the basement!

If you want an exciting picture though, check this out:

It's a Luna moth sitting on one of the black walnut trees - super rare to see!

Gorgeous!!  And then there's this weird fungus growing in one of the holes of a silver maple! whaaat?

We have tons of weird mushrooms and fungus here so I got a book on fungus and mushrooms of Ohio from the Ohio State University - I see nothing in it that looks like this stuff!  

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Anonymous said...

No garden for me for the second year in a row. Something always comes up to thwart my plans! I love the way yours is shaping up. And that is some funky fungi! Wonder what it is?