Sunday, August 31, 2014

late, but still good!

I found this pressure canner for only $35 this weekend at the Village Antiques!

I have been thinking about getting one, but just didn't want to pay a much as new ones cost.  Even on Craig's List they were $50-$100 and then I'd have to drive to some faraway place to get it!  this one required 2 trips actually - we went to the Antiques Village yesterday but I didn't get the canner and the fella passed up a couple sports coats, so we decided last night to make another trip today!  silly.  but now I'm happy!  It's from 1975, but seems to be in great shape - it's a Presto and it still has the original instruction manual and came with a jar lifter too.  I have a waterbath canner, but this will be great for beans next year!  Unfortunately, it's a little late for this year because this is what the garden looks like now :(

It's the end of the season for things like beans and squash and cukes - powdery mildew got ahold of our melons and tomatoes, but we still got lots of tomatoes, but the melons just never got to ripen as they should.  Next year I'm going to plant spaghetti squash on the little fence!  

This is where the corn was.  I planted a couple rows of sugar snap beans here and 3 red cabbage plants that I started from seed.  Borris is supervising while recovering from this run in with the car in the road.  Maybe not the best idea, but it sure raised his spirits to be out there - never unsupervised, of course!  he's still very limpy, but he doesn't seem to realize that he needs to limit himself!

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Anonymous said...

Okay I don't want to rain on your parade but please be very careful using that. Older pressure canners do not have all the safety features that the ones today enjoy and in fact, can explode! I feel terrible telling you this but I'd feel worse if you got hurt. I had a similar thing happen; I found this amazing bonnet hairdryer only to have someone warn me that the old ones have asbestos in them and not to use it. Turned out they were right :(