Friday, April 4, 2008

Super happy fun time tawashi swap!

Oooh, so I got my Tawashi (Japanese dish scrubby) from the amazing Jessica (Ravelry link) for our Tawashi Town group swap!  Aside from the coolness of getting a call at work where the BF says "you just got a parcel from the UK!", I haven't cracked up so much over a crocheted dish scrubbie in probably forever.  Of course the first thing I thought after getting him out of the package was "oh man, this is so much better than what I made her!"  Actually, I liked my tawashi a lot, but it certainly doesn't compare to this cheeky little turtle!  Check this guy out and tell me he doesn't make you giggle with glee! And look - he's got a pocket so you can stick you hand inside and really give it to that dried on apple pie!  Oh, and he did - I could barely bring myself to subject him to dirty dishes, but he apparently loves it!  Oh, she also included a "Hello from London" post card, which I think i'll hand on my bulletin board at work to make myself look more continental.  Speaking of continental, I did not succumb to the large sunglasses for shipping my package "across the pond", but man I thought about it!  When I got to the post office and had to describe the contents on the customs form, I ended up writing "toy" because I just couldn't bring myself to write "dish scrubbie - no really, it's super cute - all Japanese-y, you know?" and honestly there wasn't room in the box for all that and also you don't want to irritate postal workers.  However, I noticed that Jessica's customs form also said "knitted toy" :)  Oh, one more shout out for Jessica - check out her Ravelry projects - she's got the best little amigurumi around and the cutest shots of them!  Hers are so "right", you know - like the eyes are perfectly placed lower than the nose, the head is perfectly sized - all the things that immediately jump out as wrong when you see people just crochet up a little toy and try to call it amigurumi.  Not that there's anything wrong with a cute crocheted toy, but without a very certain Japanese asthetic, they just aren't amigurumi.  Hers are perfecto!  Thanks Jessica - you're the best!!


Catsmint said...

Such a cute turtle!

Dharma said...

Cute turtle. I think you would have looked totally fabu in the big sunglasses. You are *so* continental.

Ginny said...

I love that! I'm very jealous. It might make cleaning fun, well probably not.