Sunday, March 30, 2008

ok, let's get our story straight...

...if anyone asks, we're all going to say it's spring now that it's perfectly ok for me to plant stuff outside, alright?  Because remember that one marigold that was blooming?  Well now check out the riot of marigolds in my basement:  Yeah.  magnificent, eh!?!   I'm not sure it's quite planting time for those guys yet, but my order from Gurney's just came this weekend and they say they ship stuff when it's time for it to be planted.  Who am I to argue?  I got 4 yellow canna tubers, a hops vine, and some Yukon Gold potatoes!  whee!  I'm soaking the bare root hops right now and I'm going to brave the cold drizzle to get it in the ground at least.  I figure it won't hurt the cannas to wait a few more days - digging holes in the mud really isn't a blast.  I can promise you right now that i WILL plant all of my flowers and vegetables too early (too early according to the last frost dates 'round here) because I can never stand it and I always jump the gun then worry for weeks about my tomatoes freezing.  I always do it, and I'm sure I'll do it again this year.  I can't wait another month to plant stuff - that's just nuts!  

I'm really bad about buying stuff (stuff being crafting supplies - that's about all I buy aside from groceries, cigarettes, and occasionally nail polish) then leaving it in the bag and hooking that bag on a dining room chair so long that I forget I have it.  I looked inside one of these bags the other day and found the fat quarter bundle I got on sale at JoAnn's - well, who knows when!
  I'm not sure why these colors appealed to me (I'm having uncharacteristic color affinities lately) but man they do up!  I've never quilted - and never really wanted to - until seeing some of the stuff at PurlSoho - they have a way of making quilting look very modern and new.  I'm not even sure I really want to make a quilt - I think I just like the idea of patchwork stuff after seeing a lot of it in Japanese craft books, and I also like buying fat quarters then not using them for anything.  It's just what I do.  Come on, if you're a crafter don't even try to tell me you don't do the same thing!  Maybe not with fat quarters, but with something!  I was kind of thinking of making a tote/new knitting bag using this zigzag pattern but then I realized that the scale would probably be way off and I'm not sure that I want to cut pieces smaller than they already are.  I don't know that my first project ought to be one that is modified and made more complicated.  I think I'll just use the instructions and figure out what to do with it later.  Or more likely I'll just be excited about this on a conceptual level and never do anything about it.  I suck like that sometimes.  

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Dharma said...

You don't suck like that. I get really into the conceptualizing of a million, gazillion things all the time, make all sorts of plans for a tremendous assortment of projects. My follow through is eh. However I am trying to start seeing this as part of the creative process.