Saturday, September 27, 2008

I cut my hair off!

well, I didn't do it - Beth at Square One Salon did it.  I love it - she's so good!  I'm not sure I totally meant to get it all cut off, but it was one of those deals where I decided maybe Thursday that it was looking pretty crappy and lifeless (and I'd done so much chopping on it myself since my last cut that I knew I'd better say "i'm sorry" right after "hi"!) then made an appointment from work on Friday morning and left to get it done that afternoon - not a lot of time to really decide what I wanted to do.  I did want something different though and I did throw out the idea of a pixie cut with kind of more length in the front, then said " I trust you" - because I do - she always does a great job, and she always goes for something modern.  And I love it - I think it's kind of nerdy cute!  The BF wasn't totally keen on it at first, but when he knew me years ago - predating days - I always had my hair short, so it wasn't like he'd never seen me with it short before.  It's just that I didn't warn him - but again, I didn't warn myself either!  He thinks it's cute now.  I mean what do you do with your hair when you're going to be wearing a hard hat half the day?  Maybe people with long hair who just slick it back into a ponytail don't have problems.  Guess we'll see how this goes.  I just wanted to prewarn everyone who I'll see at knitting on Sunday - because even though my hair wasn't totally long before, it's still a big change.  Whee!  

And in other news, I finished my Eleanor!  This seems kind of weird to blog about because all my local friends have already seen it, and I've posted it on Ravelry, but still, I will!  Let me tell you -- this is a fantastic pattern and I think everyone should run out right now and buy it (it's available as a Ravelry download)!   I think the possibilities are just about endless for styles with this on pattern - it's written intending for about 2" of positive ease which would give a little more relaxed look, but mine definitely doesn't have that, and neither does Emily's, and I think they look great fitted.  Also the colors you pick could make it look really modern or totally retro or just very understated and natural (like in brown tweeds with wooden buttons maybe) - I even think if you took out the waist shaping it'd look really super on a guy (not my guy, but some thin, nerdy-hot kind of guy!)  I'm so so crazy happy about this FO - I love the fact that it looks good buttoned up, 
or just partially buttoned,
 or totally unbuttoned (I think the great waist shaping keeps it looking good unbuttoned - it doesn't turn all slouchy.) 
 I used Cascade 220 and because I waited till evening to take pictures like an idiot, the flash is on and the blue comes out kind of royal-ish, when really it's much more peacock teal-ish.  Ok, one last time - go buy this!  it totally needs to be in your queue at least! 


Dharma said...

Way cute cut!

Emily said...

Ack, it's so cute!

LisaDuvall said...

Chris I love your new do! It's so cute!!

The Eleanor looks great. Congrats on finishing :)

Ginny said...

I LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the new cut! Looks very cute. =)

Catherine said...

Way cute cut ya little pixie!
(and you know I want an Elenor of my very own 'cos I love yours and Emily's)

Julia said...

Ooh! I love drastic hair changes! The cut is fantastic on you! Plus, don't you know pixie cuts are the new thing now that "Posh" cut her bob off? They're calling it the "poxie" - god help us all.

Cassiemarie said...

Both the sweater and the haircut are SUPER cute!!