Friday, October 2, 2009

a different kind of needle, for a change...

My niece's upcoming birthday got me to put down my knitting needles for a minute and take up the needle and thread! Every time I sew I wonder why I don't do it more often - it's like I forget how much fun it is. Anyway, my mom is getting my niece, Savannah, an American Girl doll for her birthday (the whole American Girl thing kind of turns my stomach, but I suppose I begged just as much for a Cabbage Patch Kid, and got one, when I was her age so I really can't say anything) and I decided to make her some clothes.

These things crack me up - I don't know if it's just that little things are so darn cute, or what, but whatever it is, it's making me love sewing doll clothes! I think it's the little details that tickle me so much - like the fact that the shirts have set in sleeves, just like big people clothes! The little buckle on the corduory pants I found and sewed on (which I think must have been saved from a doll shoe at one point - it was in my grandma's button box and I had to pry it off a little leather strap) and the mock zipper flap on the jeans: I'm also pretty proud of myself that I didn't buy anything except for the velcro - the rest is all fabric that I reclaimed from clothing destined for the Salvation Army, or scraps from stuff I made in the past. Oh, I also knit her this little cardigan! I think I know what Savannah is getting for Christmas! I've got plans already - I could modify the patterns to make a party dress, or put a peter pan collar on the shirt! oh - she better not get sick of this doll anytime soon! (but I'm sure she will -she's a kid!)

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Emily said...

SO cute and ten bazillion times better than anything you could by at a cruddy old American Girl shop! I also love that you used materials you already have - especially the red and white material. Super cute!