Tuesday, January 19, 2010

color on a grey day

This goes out to English Emily since she first brought up how happy color can make you - especially these days when it's nothing but fog and grey skies. Today I ran to the fabric shop after cutting out of work at 4:00 because they had a 40% off sale on all of their quilting fabrics. yep, the quilting fabrics that I need like I need a hole in my head. shut up. Just look at this joyous spread! I just stacked up whatever caught my fancy, then only took 1/2 yard increments of each one - plenty for quilty patchworky stuff, but still super cheap. I came home in the best mood ever! Yes, I'm aware that I should be furiously knitting a sock, not buying fabric - that's next!


hannah said...

Dude, I look at that lemon fabric every single time I'm at Joann's. I can't wait to see what you make out of it, maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and buy some of my own!

Emily said...

1. Hooray for cutting out of work early!

2. LOVE that green on the left and

3. "English Emily" - snort!