Monday, January 4, 2010

requisite resolutions

I know it's all cliched to talk about how everyone feels like they have to make resolutions even though they know they won't keep them - but I really do feel that way - like if I don't even try, then it's just giving up, even if I'm pretty sure i'll fail eventually. However, last year I vowed to have a pair of socks on the needles at all times and I'm pretty sure I did that. How many pairs did I churn out? not that many - but that's wasn't the goal! I just said I'd have them on the needles! (brief Rav break to count the actual number of socks I made) OK - I totally take that back - I made 6 pairs of socks last year, which I think is pretty decent!

So, in light of that successful(ish) resolution, these are things I'm gonna try my darndest at in 2010 ( I love to say 20-10!):

-stop machine washing my socks! the 1st pair that I made in 2009 are fairly well ruined now - they were made out of Cherry Tree Hill and they felted to hell and back! I can still get them on my feet, but the pattern -which used to be so beautiful - is no more!
-eat more like a sane person, and realize that it really does count even if you're sneaking another bite in the kitchen where no one can see you!
-AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - knit from my stash! that means I need to stop buying yarn because it's on sale (please disregard the yarn that I just added to my stash - it was on sale, see?) or because I like it. I have so much great yarn and so many great projects planned for it - I need to work from the yarn end, and not the pattern end of knitting. ask the yarn what it wants to be and make that - not find a pattern, then buy yarn because there's nothing quite right in my stash.
-Sew more, embroider more, craft more, weave more - i sometimes knit to the exclusion of this other stuff that I really enjoy!

Alright, there - I've done my requisite resolutions.


Alice said...

Those are pretty much all resolutions I can get behind! I'm really going to try the stash knitting thing too... though I'm sure in a few months I'll really be yearning for that awesome feeling I get when I buy something new and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Catherine said...

I'll join you in the "more knitting from my stash" resolution, Chris!
I have some lovely yarn and I just need to use some of it instead of hoarding it!