Sunday, March 28, 2010

More makin'

This weekend we got a new computer, so while the fella was setting everything up, I made this little makeup pouch. I have a meeting in Arizona next month and I decided that would be enough justification to make a little bag - I'll need a toiletry bag, right? I used the little owl fat quarters that billy got me for christmas - they're double sided japanese fabric, so one side has owls on it and the other looks like sashiko.

It surely is easier to quilt something this size, rather than blanket sized! Oh, on the subject of sewing, I called JoAnns about my machine and they're going to email me a shipping sticker so I can send it back without having to pay shipping, and, if I understood the customer service lady correctly, I'm getting a credit card refund even though the website said that if it's an opened item you have to take an online credit. I just assumed I'd have to try another machine, but it kind of looks like I may not! If I get another, I'm definitely shopping somewhere that I can put my hands on the machine - although honestly, I'm not even sure that I totally want a new one now. I dunno.

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Emily said...

Gorgeous quilt work. I've always wanted to make one and you're slowly inspiring me! I just need to see if my sewing machine is going to work here or explode like my George Foreman did when I plugged it into the adapter. I thought adapters made everything compatible but I guess not!