Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st mention and it's finished!

Well I never even got around to posting this as a project on Ravelry before it was finished! I'm still in my tired-of-fingering-weight spell, so I cast on for this hat using the apple cider colored alpaca that was one of the colors in the 1st plaid scarf I wove. I think the set will be a gift for my mom.

In the picture above it just sort of looks like a watchcap, but it's the one that best shows the cool stitch pattern with the little bubbly things. Really it's more of a semi-slouchy thing - I modeled it here, but it's not such a great picture either because having one's hair up in pigtails sorts of wonkifies the way any hat fits. duh. Here's the Berroco picture of it - obviously they know what they're doing when it comes to photos!

In process rather than finishing news, my quilted thing is growing and I think it intends to keep growing until it becomes a quilt top! I have no objections - I'm still having a grand old time working on it!

Ok, so maybe that picture doesn't look a whole lot different than the last one you saw. This is the part that's different (a panel at both ends with a star in the middle of each):

Then, because I had so much fun with the stars (see how they're all unique and uneaven? I love that!) I made 6 more and I'll work them into panels that'll go up the long sides. That's how I just keep adding to it - sort of medallion quilt style. Whee! I wish the subtle prints showed up better, but it's either a closeup of one, or a shot of the whole stack. Trust me - they're swell! :)

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Catherrine said...

I think the hat looks great; and so nice with the plaid scarf!

Luv the growing quilt; your do know how to pick the best fabrics!