Friday, July 2, 2010

Like I need a hole in my head

Seriously, I have a lot of bags. Unfortunately that leads to me hopping from one to another because it just strikes my fancy, I suppose, but then I abandon the majority of stuff in that bag and just start fresh with the new one. It's great and all, but then I'm left with bags all over that are filled with that time frame's stuff - so if I'm looking for something I have to mentally figure out some time landmarks and then work backwards to the bag I might have been using then to find the stuff. I'm not so good at that, which is why stuff gets "lost" - not technically lost, just in the bottom of one bag or another. Anyway, the fact that I know this does not explain why I decided to make myself a new bag. However, I wanted to make something, had new fabric to make that something with, and thus creatively decided to make something I already had plenty of! Do I care? No! I love it!

Wow, that looks really out of focus when I compare it to the picture below. Ugh. Also, it's super difficult to take a picture of a bag on a person. I know that sounds stupid. Perhaps if I rephrased and said "picture of a bag on myself." first you have to both keep your arm from blocking too much of the bag, and also have it in a position to not accentuate arm fat (I did not succeed at that) - I just sort of ended up looking like I was doing some stupid muscle flex - ignore that - it wasn't the intent! Ok, I think the un-modeled picture below might actually show the bag better - I'm certainly less distracted when I look at it! Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the lining, but it's black and white gingham!

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