Wednesday, February 16, 2011

someday my spring will come

Ok, it has to be like 60 degrees out there today! and I'm not stupid - it's ohio and it will, without a doubt, get super cold again before spring is really here - it's only February after all, but I love it when it gets like this! It's the first taste of spring and it always makes me all excited!

today, before it got too dark, I went out with a shovel and started chopping up this big pile of yard scraps that I've been throwing in the back corner of my yard. I tell myself that they'll "mulch right down" over the winter, but I know I'm lying to myself and that it's just my excuse to be lazy and pile the crap there because I don't feel like dealing with it! Then in the spring and summer, big scary spiders start living the the pile so I can't do what really needs to be done which is hack it all up into smaller bits with a shovel - because obviously the spiders will bite and kill me. So this year, I went out early - while it was still too cold for spiders, and guess what!? it really did compost a bit - it's sort of black and nice! Well, the parts that aren't twigs and dried plants which I was too lazy to do anything with. So I chopped some of them up and spread it around as much as I could - and broke a sweat doing yard work, in February no less! I didn't take a picture because it's just a big wet pile of dirt and yard waste. and speaking of dirt that isn't fit to photograph yet, I started some tomatoes, peppers and flowers in my basement! my gardening co-workers all say "it's too early! it's too early!" but they can suck it because I NEED to do this now. besides, there's no doubt that I'll put them outside too early too - because they'll be big before it's really safe to plant them outside and I'll lie to myself again about the chance of frost probably being's just what I do!

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Catherine said...

Smart to chop early to avoid the mulch spiders of death - shudder!

Good luck with the 'maters!