Friday, December 16, 2011

Apparently the Amazon warehouse is like a mile from my house

I don't know how else my sewing machine was able to get to my house this afternoon!  What?  I'm not complaining, mind you.  

She's amazing!  First I just sat down with the big honkin' manual, then i wound a bobbin and threaded the machine and did a little test sewing.  Love. it.  ok, for those of you with electronic machines, i'm sure all of this is like "duh Chris, that's what sewing machines do" but i've been using a Kenmore machine that I bought back in high school or college - it's been so long i don't even remember.  It was fine, but this is amazing.  it can be programmed to automatically back stitch at the beginning and ends of seams.  It will cut the thread for you.  whaaaa?  yep, it pulls both threads to the back of the work and then neatly cuts them before you even touch the piece to take it away from the needle (which will automatically stop in an up or down position - which ever you like.)  All these years I've been using little scissors like an idiot.  and then doing that thing where you pull the bottom thread to get a little loop of the top thread on the back side, then pulling it through with the tip of a pin, and if I feel like doing what my grandma taught me, tying the two threads together.  unbelievable.  It all seems so inefficient now.  I haven't done any embroidery yet - i had to leave it to make dinner and do a little holiday candy making, but I'm making a quilted pillow for my mom this weekend so it'll be getting some use in terms of sewing.  the preprogrammed embroidery patterns are pretty gawd awful - i might put a scrolly "C" on a cardigan or something though!  The pair of parrots, and cross stitched boy with wheelbarrow that come programmed on the machine... those will never be used.  seriously?  I did find this site though with all kinds of cool machine embroidery patterns for download, so I see some cutie apron pockets or kitchen towels in my future!

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