Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My parents rock!

I'm getting something for my birthday that i'm wildly excited about even though i've never really wanted it before:  This Brother sewing machine with embroidery capability!!

I'm pretty sure I've consciously thought that I didn't want an embroidery machine because all I could picture was middle aged women with embroidered Disney character sweatshirts, and whatnot.  However, I was talking to my mom about the western shirt I made for Billy and I'm not even sure who brought up the embroidery machines, but I told her there was no way because they were thousands of dollars.  As we talked I googled "embroidery machine" and saw one for just over $300 so I thought maybe they'd come down a lot in price since I'd last looked.  The more we talked, the cooler it sounded, and she told me I should look into it and that they could get it for me for my birthday!  This was pretty shocking - the last I remember, my birthday price range was about $50.  I did some research that night and found out that this Brother SE400, combination computerized sewing machine/embroidery machine was the only one on the market in the $350 price range and I read a bunch of reviews from owners who said it was a good beginner embroidery machine (only a 4x4 size capability) and intermediate sewing machine.  For the price, it seems like a cool way to see if I have fun with the embroidery, and also get a snazzy new machine with bells and whistles that I haven't had since that unfortunate event with the electronic Singer I ended up sending back.  Since then I've fallen really hard for my old 1930's Singer (whom I call Alice) which is pretty much the opposite of everything I'm saying about this new machine.  However, the idea of a new machine is really floating my boat right now - probably because it's being offered as a gift!  So anyway, I got back with my mom the next day and told her about this machine and where I could get it, etc. and she said "ok.  we can definitely get you that for your birthday!  go ahead and order it!"  I'm kind of flabbergasted!  I even asked to make sure she wasn't delirious from her recent cold!  My parents have always been very frugal and don't wildly throw around gifts, and maybe $350 doesn't sound like much, but for a birthday gift it's definitely outside the realm of what I'm used to!  My mom is just SO supportive with any crafty thing I do, which I just love her for.  I ordered it today - it ought to be here before Christmas even!!  Whee!!  i'll keep you updated!

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Catherine said...

Wow! That will be so fun to play with; happy happy b-day to you!