Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finish up Friday

I started the weekend by leaving work early on Friday because i was feeling like poo, but had some errands I needed to run - i just wanted to get it done and be home to relax and not move anymore.  I stopped at Joann's to get another skein of yarn to finish my Vera - i think the fact that I wasn't feeling well kept me from shopping and getting more than that, so I suppose it worked in my favor, in a way.  

This morning, still feeling like poo, I slept way in - like until 10:30!  I assumed my body needed it, but it hasn't made me feel much better.  Even so, I decided to hang out in my sewing room (which is also ridiculous because it's the coldest room in the house - but i just layered on a sweatshirt over my cardigan!)  I added borders to my embroidered pieces that I did last weekend - they're going to be a set of pot holders!  I love 'em.  This was another bunch of embroidery designs that I bought from Urban Threads!

Then I also did another dishtowel for the kitchen - peanut butter and jelly love!  so cute!  i forgot to use silver thread instead of white, like I did on the french toast,  and now the little speech bubbles don't show up very well.  shoot.

Here's my finish up Friday project though - my Vera hooded scarf!  I really love this thing.  I used to hate the idea of hooded scarves, but I'm a convert.  The way the hood is formed on this one is very cool  - sort of like the heel on a sock, and it really cups my head.  It sort or reminds me of an old timey swim cap, but warm!

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Catherine said...

Hope you feel better soon Chris.

I love the potholders; what great designs and fabrics!
And the hood is adorable (now the song "little red riding hood" is stuck in my head)