Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jeeves loves Alice

I bought some machine embroidery patterns from Urban Threads, which is an amazing source for really fantastic patterns at amazing prices.  I looked at iBroidrery, which is Brother's pattern site, and the designs were just not cool, and also more expensive.  nuts to that.

This old sewing machine schematic sort of design seemed perfect for a dust cover for Alice, my old machine.  I just let Jeeves stitch the design then I pieced the rest around it.  i think it's sweet that Jeeves helped make something for her.  I was going to sew the sides to make it more of a slipcover, but that black and white fabric is some vintage stuff I found and it's much drapey-er than quilting cotton, so it seemed to work nicely to just lay it over the machine.  and easier.  and lazier.

I picked up some inexpensive dish towels at Target last time I was there, because I wanted to make some custom kitchen towels with food designs.  I ran to JoAnn's today and spent a stupid amount of money on thread (it wasn't on sale and I forgot my only coupon (which would have only saved me $5)) because I just had to make a towel NOW!  So I did this guy - he's french toast!  you can obviously tell he's french because of the beret and the fact that he's saying "allo"

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Anonymous said...

Ohmygoodness, I LOVE the french toast! How cute is he? So glad to see all the fun you're having with your machine!