Sunday, June 24, 2012

welcome home!

The fella comes home tonight - it's been a very long three weeks for both of us!  he was in California visiting a good friend, and even though he had a great time, he's ready for home!  I made him this banner to greet him when he walks in the door!  It's just a paper, glue, a sharpie, and a pair of fancy edged scissors kind of project, but it'll do the trick!

And this afternoon I'll be baking a welcome home cake - Duncan Hines has a french vanilla cake mix that's really great!  Even Julia Child said she always used a cake mix - so don't hate on me!

This morning I finished 2 more project bags.  This time, at the fantastic suggestion of English Emily (not sure if she realizes we call her that back in Ohio!  She met a dreamy Englishman and moved there to start a family with him - now her life feels to me like some kind of wonderful PBS drama!  Yet she pines for Taco Bell - i can't understand it!  sorry Emily, but I can't! :)  I used whole coffee beans inside the secret scent pouches.  She used to knit with us at a local coffee house and she said her knitting always smelled like coffee when she got home so she suggested I use coffee beans instead of lavender in the pouches - I love it!  and the scent automatically refreshes as the beans knock into each other when the bag moves.  Thanks Emily!

I eyeballed the size for the overall bag - kind of based on the embroidered piece, and kind of based on laziness - and just by sheer luck some are the perfect size to slip a magazine into - and because both projects I've been working on lately are from magazines, it's just right!

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Emily said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you tried that!

Ha, my life is far from a PBS drama. Same life(ish), different country!

And, man, three weeks is a LONG TIME!