Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the pictures flow!

Get this - i won a new camera at work today!!!  i never win anything!  even better is the fact that I've been camera-less for a week because the fella went to California to visit a friend and i was like "sure - take the camera!  i can totally survive without it for a few weeks!"  but it turns out that i cannot!  everywhere i turn, there's something i need to take a picture of.  Like this little gal that I finished up this week:

I don't know who she's going to, but I just had to make her!  The drawing was part of the Battle of the Businesses thing that we do every year, but it's sporty and i'm not sporty, so i gave money instead and got raffle tickets.  and won.  It's a Nikon coolpix s4300 and it's a tiny little thing, but it takes smashing pictures!  i couldn't believe the detail it got on this, my third Swoon quilt block, that I made over the weekend:


Catherine said...

Can't believe you won a camera just when you needed one; that's awesome! And the doll, she is adorable (imagine the French accent there). And keep the quilt blocks coming; that is such a great pattern :-)

Ginny said...

Oh that's so cool!