Saturday, January 26, 2013

how to change your life for $14.95

When you move, you make some decisions about what you want to haul into your "new life" - for me, one thing I didn't want to haul was an entire cupboard of mismatched plastic containers.  I had some of at least 2 brands, which meant that lids were hard to find, nothing nested well, and on top of that there were a bunch that didn't even have lids.  I convinced myself that they'd be handy mixing bowls, but I never used them.  So I decided to throw them all in the recycling bin and start anew!  I bought a set of Rubbermaid containers for $14.95 and they are amazing.

 Not because they're anything special - but they all stack together, and their corresponding lids snap right onto the containers, so everything is easy to find and super easy to store! I'm pretty sure this is totally standard for any containers now-a-days.  But now I have plenty of containers and they even fit in the little cabinet over the range hood (which has part of its space taken up already by the vent!)  I always want to think that stuff like getting 8 hours of sleep a night, or drinking more water, will make me feel amazingly better, but I never really feel any different - I expect a life changing improvement and I'm always disappointed.  A new container set, however, is life changing!  I've been telling everyone I see that they need to buy a new set of containers and set themselves free - pretty much everyone is sick of it by now because I forget who I've told so I just keep telling them over and over!  it's ridiculous, and I promise to never mention it again.  but seriously, you need to get a new set of containers!

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