Sunday, February 3, 2013

&#$* I learned on Pinterest

I haven't been on Pinterest very long, but like everyone else, I've fallen into its black hole pretty hard.  It's like having a whole staff of people trolling the web for sweet stuff for you, and you just have to be like "yep, nope, yep - remind me of that later.  how 'bout saving it on an electronic bulletin board or something?"  I love it!  Anyway, aside from recipes and whatnot that I've tried, I have a few household things that I've started doing because I saw it on Pinterest:

Put your sheet sets together inside one of the pillow cases.  brilliant.  so neat and easy to pull out of the linen closet.  I was always putting stuff in stacks of pillow cases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, etc.  why?  duh. 

Use a binder clip to hold your cords next to the computer.  so handy!

Store your aluminum foil, cling wrap, etc. in a magazine holder.  Well, as I was unpacking, I knew I wanted to do this, but hadn't unboxed any magazine holders yet - and this box was a perfect size (bigger!) so I just cut it with a pocket knife into a handy magazine holder-ish shape.  It's so easy to pull out and it keeps everything from just being in a pile that forces you to yank from the bottom.  Not very pretty, i'll admit that.  If I were really cool, I guess I'd cover it in craft paper or something.  maybe someday.  that falls a little bit into my oh-gimme-a-break category - I just don't think everything must be color coordinated.  or i'm jealous of people who manage to do that.  

Also, speaking of space saving, this isn't Pinterest related at all, but my microwave amazingly fits exactly in this cupboard!!  I was really freaking out about the size of my new kitchen - specifically the counter space.  I didn't know how I was going to put everything in it.  This was a HUGE help - we just had to drill a hole in the back of the cabinet to run the cord out - it's barely noticeable!  I also thought I'd never be able to live without my toaster oven, but after nearly a month it's still in the garage and I'm pretty sure I can!  I mean I did use it a lot when it was on the counter at the old house, but it's not really worth hauling in and out of a cupboard.  The George Foreman used to also be on the counter - it's nice having that tucked away too!  

What are your favorite pins?  

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