Friday, May 10, 2013

finally finished

I got a wool table mat kit at the Woolgathering last year and started it as a Christmas gift for my mom - because we were in the middle of getting the house we kind of bypassed Christmas but I showed my mom a picture of what I was making and told her it was in progress!  Lame, I know.  I did finally finish it up though - in time for Mother's Day!

She's big into this primitive kind of stuff - it's not really my bag, but I did have a good time working with the nice felted wool!  Boy, this picture really makes the unevenness of my stitches stand out - not cool!  I backed it with some calico.

And, I can't stop talking about the wild turkey we've seen in the back yard a couple times now!  Isn't that wacky?  apparently not so much, when I talk to other people who've seen tons of them, but I have never seen one in my life - much less on my own property!  It's a crappy shot because it's as zoomed in as my camera would go - it was really far out there!  I've decided to call her Janet.  maybe that's going too far.

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Eileen said...

Welcome to the country! We see wild turkeys out here all the time. I didn't know what they were at first and had to ask, haha. We also saw a beautiful peacock strolling through a field which was pretty neat. We turned around three times to get a look at him.

I like that little project. It's not my bag either, but I think you did a good job and she'll love it!