Sunday, April 14, 2013

If you've found anything crazier in your yard, I want to hear about it!

This morning I took a walk around the perimeter of the yard because I wanted to see what was growing.  I found 3 peony bushes that had sprung up all the sudden - they pretty well disappear over the winter, but they were a couple feet tall already and I hadn't seen them before!  yay!  i love peonies!  Then, at the veeerry back of the property, I saw some mosaic thing in the dirt kind of wedged between 2 tree trunks.  From what I could tell, it looked like a monkey made of glass mosaic!  i couldn't get it to budge.  When Billy woke up, i told him that I had something cool to show him after he got some coffee in him, but as soon as I said "mosaic monkey" he was like "let's go!"  After breakfast he gathered up some tools and the wheelbarrow and dug that monkey out!  It's huge - probably 2.5 ft. - and it IS a glass mosaic monkey, but better than that, he's a cowboy - or rather, a sheriff!  his hands are broken off, as is the brim of his hat, but you can see there's a badge and a fancy beltbuckle, and at his hips, you can see perfect impressions in the concrete of where his 6-shooters were!  Billy hosed him off and propped him against a tree.  He's the most amazing thing ever.  Now the question is, what's the story on this guy?  who made him?  why did he end up dumped out back?  i can imagine that a monkey sheriff lawn ornament isn't for everyone.  i'm betting someone hated him and eventually said "get that thing out of here"!  We love him immensely and he's staying right up close where we can marvel at him!

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Anonymous said...

I love your crazy mosaic sheriff monkey! What a funny find!