Thursday, August 22, 2013

when life gives you...

When life gives you a broken apple tree in August, you make a lot of apple sauce I guess.  and you pout about losing a tree.  Today, one of our two apple trees, just fell right over - it broke off a the trunk.  We knew it was old, but I didn't think we'd lose it the first year!  So I went out and picked a ton of apples - well, about a bushel and a half, i guess, and I'm going to be making apple sauce this weekend.  I'll probably freeze some, but I feel like I should can some because I brought a bunch of canning jars when we moved.  I should make sure all my carrying and hauling wasn't for naught!

These apples are a little bit gnarly - I didn't spray them because we were still dealing with the old house this past spring and there was just never time or money to do it.  I'm pretty sure I can cut off any little spots and it'll be just fine!

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