Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a few me hours!

Today I took a half day from work - well, I left at 1pm, because that's how things go!  I just wanted to have a few hours of me time!  I went to my new favorite thrift store - a giant new St. Francis - and got to look through all the clothes!  I usually only look through the clothes when I'm alone because otherwise I get the "uuuuh, now you're going to try them all ON?"  I found some great stuff - there was a cool red/orange peacoat, but it was too big - booo!  I did get this super snappy vintage dress that fits me like crazy!  how often does that happen? Also, why can't I write a sentence that doesn't end in an exclamation point?  geez.

I don't know why, but I was having the hardest time getting pictures of this dress- I think the color might be more right in the full length shot, but it doesn't show my favorite detail - the little asian neckline - that shows up in the smaller, more green shot.  Anyway, super cute, eh?

I think this is vintage anyway - it's definitely vintage double knit fabric, and there's a lot of hand sewing inside, but the seams are serged.  I know my grandma had a serger, but I think it was pretty newfangled at the time.  So not impossible, but I just don't feel like I see it a lot.  Eileen, I feel like you'll know about this!

I also had to buy these mittens because they'd obviously been lovingly handknit and they didn't deserve to be in a thrift shop for $1.99.  I rescued them.  and I'll wear them because I love them!

I also got a fantastic red velvet blazer, which is a little tight in the upper sleeves, but it was too great to pass up, so bought it with the hope that maybe I can melt off a little arm flab!  surely all this walnut work will do it!!  

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