Sunday, December 15, 2013

winter wonderland!

I officially entered my holiday panic mode on Friday!  i realized that even though I had made lists, and had plans that didn't seem like they'd take long, I hadn't really executed on much and time is running out!  Also, i had loose ends that I had no plans for yet - like nothing for my dad, brother, or uncle - the three hardest to think of gifts for!  And of course we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland on Saturday morning - gorgeous, but not optimal for going out and finishing up shopping, but I did!  That's billy walking through the snow, with Borris and Olive following him and having a good old time!  they are so happy being able to go outside!

I went to Half Price books and got something for all the men - not sure if my brother will have a second to read with the 6 kids, but that's his problem!  haha!  

I also finished these little wreath ornaments for my co-workers this weekend!  I got some little foam wreath shapes, then wrapped them with some fuzzy yarn (for those of you who understand, this was a Lindy purchase!) and glued tiny pine cones from my tree on them, and added a felt bow and hanger.  cute!!

I also finally finished up the hats for our next door neighbors!  they've been so sweet and helpful to us and I wanted to make something for them.  So the one that's just plain grey is for him ('cause guys only like boring hats) and the one on the right is for her (it was originally for him but billy thought it looked kind of feminine.)  the one on the right is alpaca that I bought from a vendor at the Yellow Springs farmer's market, which is where they sell their fruit, so I thought it was pretty fitting!

Still not finished, but the list is looking more manageable now!  Yay!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!

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Carrie Frazer said...

That does look like Lindy yarn! I still have some that is red and pink and shiny - maybe I could make a heart wreath for Velentine's day with it?