Saturday, June 28, 2014

something new everyday!

wow!  i can't believe my last post was less than a month ago and when I look at that picture, it's like a world away from how the garden looks now!  i guess when the temperatures start to go up, the plants really take off!  yesterday, there were no tassels on the corn, and this morning there were!

This is Ruby Queen corn, which is likely why the tassels are so amazingly colored - they look like something from a Dr. Seus book, i think!

And there are cucumbers that I bet I'll be able to pick this weekend! (and a couple tomatoes too!!! I can't wait for that first one!)

It's just amazing how big everything looks compared to the last post!

I made a fence for my french melons - they're climbing it!  when a melon start, I'm going to make a little sling for it and hang the sling on the fence to support it.  in the foreground there you can see the watermelon plants.  Yes.  I said "plants" - plural.  i'm nuts!  well first I planted some heirlooms watermelon seeds and thought they just weren't going to germinate, so then i got a couple plants on impulse - THEN the original seeds germinated!  i couldn't pull those out!  any sane person would put in ONE plant.  i probably have 6.  My garden will turn into watermelon city, i know.  oh well!

i had the same germination thing happen with cucumbers.  bought plants...then the seeds started.  so I'll also have waaay more cucumbers than i can handle!  that's ok - i love cucumber salad and when I'm floating in them, i give some to the neighbors and take some to work.  The same will be happening with my patty pan squash, I'm sure - they're starting to form too!

Borris loves to help out in the garden too - basically just by rolling in the dirt and getting filthy.

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Catherine said...

Everything looks gorgeous! and I'll "help" you eat your extra watermelon (I'm willing to sacrifice) ;-)