Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The garden in June

What a difference a month makes!  now my garden doesn't just look like I'm raising dirt!  You can see stuff even from afar, and that makes me happy!

The corn is going to town, as is the patty pan squash, pole beans, melons, and tomatoes ( I have a bunch of green ones!)  I jumped the gun and though my cucumbers and watermelon weren't going to germinate so I bought a couple plants on impulse when I was at the nursery - of course after I popped the plants in the ground, the seeds started popping up!  The watermelon seed I planed is an heirloom variety, so I really want it - I'm going to be stupid and leave them all - I'll deal with the miles of vines somehow!  haha!

I planted marigolds, zinnias, geraniums, salvia and cosmos around the edges.  I used to hate marigolds - what was I thinking?  they're beautiful!  and tough!  I grew a bunch from seed and some of my favorite varieties are this Flagstaff, which is supposed to get 3-5ft tall.  it's taller than the others now, and the flowers are gigantic!  

 This one is called Yummy Mummy - it's kind of curly.  The red ones to the right are called Cottage Red, I think.  I ended up buying a couple flats more, so I'll definitely plant more from seed next winter!

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