Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, how long has it been since I uttered the word...


Whoa!  Look at that - it's a pair of Jaywalkers!  I know, I  know - you've seen 'em a million times, but admit it - they still make you giddy, don't they?  Well they make me giddy, ok?  According to Ravelry, it's been like 2 1/2 months since I started these and that's just stupid.  I guess there was an awful lot of starting and stopping.  Apparently mostly stopping.  Anyhoo, they're finally off the needles and on my feet!  Now I can feel not at all guilty about casting on my bird in hand mittens!  Actually I cast on last weekend, but ripped 'em out (not out of guilt!  knitta please!)  I really wanted to make them yellow and white, but after the first colorwork chart I decided that the contrast just wasn't enough to keep going.  I've been working off the slump of disappointment this week - I could so picture them in my mind and they were spectacular.  sooo, now I'm trying to content myself with some other color combination from my stash, but nothing is quite what I want.   oh hell, how much does a skein of cascade 220 cost - nothing compared to my knitterly satisfaction, right?  but the real question is, how do I walk into the LYS and come out with only one skein of wool?  

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Dharma said...

Excellent work.
The yarn I have for you might work, not sure if it's enough. But if you need to trip to an LYS, I'd be honoured to go with you. I'll try not to enable too much. That's the best I can promise.