Thursday, February 28, 2008

You'd think my head would be covered every day of the year!

I didn't really think I made that many hats until I looked over my Ravelry projects one day and realized how hat heavy it was!  I'm not claiming to be any Cosy or anything - now that girl makes some hats!  However, I've got a lot of hats for a girl who doesn't wear hats all that much.  I like the idea of wearing hats, but I just generally don't.  I picture myself strolling down the street, window shopping, wearing a cute hat, but in reality I apparently don't do as much strolling and window shopping as I think I do, or think I ought to do.  Anyway, that being said - I finished what may be my favorite hat to date!  It's the Amelia Earhart aviator hat and man do I love it!  I love it with the little pointy flaps up, and with the little pointy flaps down, I love it in the morning, I love it in the evening!                    

This might be the only thing I own that's even remotely blue.  I'm not a blue person, but I've kind of got a yen for it all the sudden.  It's that damn BSA skinny cotton that started it - have you seen the mallard colorway?  I love it.  This hat - it's ingeniously made.  It's all short rows and nearly all K2P2, but the staggering of the rib makes a fantastic pattern and after one little seam up the back, it all comes together.  I kind of think it looks like one of those old timey bathing caps!  and that pleases me :)  

Crap, now I have no excuse but to keep working on the Tree Jacket.  ooooor, I could cast on again for the Bird in Hands, right?  Did I mention that I cast on for those, but decided that my yellow and white color scheme just didn't contrast enough?  Dharma gifted me a ball of Valley Yarns Amherst in a great squash orange color because she thought it seemed like a "me" kind of color - and I love it!  I so wanted to use it for my mittens, but it's not enough yardage.  It IS however, probably plenty for a hat! 'cause that's what I need - another hat!  need-schmeed!  who really needs anything?  I love making hats!

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Dharma said...

Oh that mallard is so pretty. The mallard I'm using right now is much more green. I love 'em both!