Monday, May 19, 2008

A day off work is even better than a weekend!

Maybe weekends get a little routine - it's when I do laundry and vacuum and watch Pet Stars or something semi-crappy because there isn't anything on during the morning wake-up coffee time. But one vacation day is like a month of weekends!  It means I get to stay up late on Sunday night and not set my alarm on Monday morning, and once the BF goes to work - the day is mine!  Today is a vacation day Monday!  I went to the Stitching Post because they were having a big fabric sale (actually like everything in the store is on sale) but ended up not getting fabric.  Their selection is small, and frankly of higher quality than I'm willing to pay for.  I'm not making business suits - just summer dress and what not - stuff I may or may not even like next season.  I'm cheap!  And I want fun cheerful fabric - the Stitching Post always feels old and serious to me.  Buuuut, they did have all their yarn 40% off  - and I just decided this morning that I probably have enough time to make a pair of gloves for my dad for Father's Day.  So I got a few balls of Elle Elite (a wool/cotton blend, but it feels much more wooly than cottony) in a nice charcoal grey and I plan to use Anne Budd's basic pattern but put a staghorn cable up the back of the hand.  I cast on for them when I got home!  I also picked up some pretty yellow Lana Grossa cool wool (sport weight, I think) for some gloves for me (probably).  I'm kind of on a glove kick lately.  Ravelry will go weird things to ya!  After the Stitching Post, I stopped by the library where I had two books reserved - Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts (which I thought I'd check out in case I decide to dive into a baby quilt, which I've been mulling about) and The Big Ass Book of Crafts.  That last book is the best - I saw it at Border's but just couldn't justify the money - then I remembered the library - that place that lets you use books for free!  It's written by Mark Montano - that guy who's on all the TLC shows - While You Were Out, and now that goofy 10 Years Younger.  Apparently he's got quite a few books out - this one has lots of funky crafty ideas.  Mostly stuff for the house - but wacky, funky, so-tacky-it's-cool, kind of stuff.  I love it.  After the library I stopped at the Goodwill in the Oregon District because Andi, from the Sunday knitting group, was deconstructing a sweater last night and it renewed my desire to hunt and harvest some thrift store sweater yarn for myself!  Apparently this time of year they put out mostly cotton sweaters and I was really hoping for some wool.  I didn't find any wool I liked, but I did find a nice deep green 100% silk men's sweater!  I think it's like a 2x!  yippee!  I should take a picture I guess - but I didn't.   My only worry is that it has an embroidered logo - but I think I can get that off.  Oh, and my other worry is the fact that it has no shoulder seams!  So the body is just one big piece with a neck hole, and sleeves attached.  So, I'll have to have a few more knots - that's ok!  I didn't go in there intending to buy stuff that I wouldn't rip apart, but dammit, I found a grey zip-up sweater hoodie that I liked, and a goofy faire aisle sweater vest that I couldn't turn down, and a great olive scoop neck sweater - super smooth and soft.  AND - the piece de resistance - as I was leaving the dressing room and putting my discards on the rack - I spotted a fantastic purple dress, brand new, also on the discard rack (why???) in what I hoped would be exactly my size, so I grabbed it and jumped back in the dressing room.  It fit.  Like a dream.  Has pockets - which i LOVE.  and was $4.99.  SCORE!  I'll be wearing it tomorrow which will make my return to work a little easier!  

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