Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fiberlicious Saturday

It's amazing how much shopping for yarn and petting sheep can wipe a girl out!  This morning a bunch of us went to the Upper Valley Fiber Festival in Troy and had a grand old time.  I think it must have worn everyone else out too because no one has uploaded their haul on Ravelry yet and it's nearly 9:30 at night!  I'm pretty sure everyone went home and napped.  I made a big shopping list but didn't cross anything off except for some needles that I needed.  I did however score this kettle dyed lace weight for the Ribbon Lace Scarf and this Malibrigo laceweight for a Shetland Triangle.  Lovely!  After shopping we all plunked down and chowed on french fries.  The super nice owner of our new LYS, Yarnique, took this picture to commemorate our fry eating! That's Kathleen, Emily, me, Samantha, Emily (yes, two Emilys!) and Ginny.  Come on guys - put your hauls up on Ravelry - I forget what everybody got!  We missed the sheep shearing, but we did get to pet some, both pre and post shearing and the guy told us all about how to clean the wool - trying to sell us a whole sheep's worth, I think, which none of us were particularly into dealing with.  Although I can see Samantha undertaking such a thing one of these days!  I also got to hold the cutest angora bunny ever.  I think she said this one was only 10 weeks old!  It felt like holding a cloud - well a cloud that enjoyed chewing on the zipper of my sweater!  I can't even imagine having a pet that requires the maintenance that these do, but boy did I like cuddling with it!  It's so cool to go places like this where everyone's into the same thing and asks who you are on Ravelry, etc.  I don't think any of us can go home and expect to carry on much of a conversation with the SO about shawls made of sport weight merino vs. laceweight, but we certainly could here!  


Emily said...

Ack, that photo fo you with the bunny is adorable! By the time we got to her booth, the bunnies were exhausted and not offered for holding but they were still cute!

I came home and took a nap and have done nothing but knit but you inspired me a bit now and might actually post before I go to bed. :-)

Dharma said...

The photo of you and the bunny is absolutely adorable. Not sure who is cuter in that one.

So far all I have done is cruise Rav looking at potential patterns for the lace yarn that I bought!